Together Apart, support during corona

Many people with coronavirus will have mild symptoms. However, part of the infected need hospitalisation, sometimes even at the Intensive Care Unit. This by itself is already stressful. Under the current conditions it can be difficult for loved ones (family and friends) to visit. In some cases safety regulations will make visiting even impossible. This makes it an even more stressful situation for both patients and people around them.

How can people support each other in such a situation? The booklet ‘Together Apart, support during corona’ was designed to help with that. It provides information and suggestions. It includes templates to start a journal with your loved ones. This may be a way to be together whilst being apart.

The booklet

The booklet consists of three parts:

  • Information and suggestions. This part provides information for patients and their relatives about how to communicate while being in isolation. It gives suggestions on how to feel close to each other despite the distance. And it helps starting an important conversation about end of life care.
  • About-me-pages. These pages give the user an opportunity to provide information about personal preferences.
  • Diary-pages. These can be used by patients, their relatives and loved ones to record daily events. They consist of templates that can inspire people to find their way to communicate.

We would like to hear from you

For individuals

Our booklet is still under construction. We would love to improve it with your suggestions. Please fill in the feedback form or send us a message at to share your experience with us.

For healthcare professionals

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